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Adult beginner

Cycle Training

Everyone deserves the chance to learn to ride a bike, no matter their age or ability! These session are for adults who have always wanted to cycle but have never had the chance, or returning riders or those keen to refresh their on-road cycling skills.

Our instructors deliver adult cycle training sessions throughout the week on pour safe tarmac velo track. This includes teaching complete beginners, to confidence-building sessions for groups, clubs and families.

Duration: 1-1.5hours

Cost: £20 p/h
Dates: ongoing summer dates, please enquire

What you need: Clothes suitable for the weather conditions and a bike in working order. Hire bikes and e-bikes are available to rent. 

There are four sessions to choose from;

1. Learn to Ride – for beginners and riders wanting to improve their bike handling and confidence. 
2. Road Cycling Skills - to give you more confidence to ride safely on the road.

3. Introduction to Electric Bikes - to learn more about your electric assisted bikes and how they can enable your riding and increase confidence.

4. Electric Bike Road Skills - having completed the Introduction to Electric Bike Session, this course will enable you to utilise the motor assistance so you can ride your e-bike efficiently and safely on the road.

Get in touch to discuss your needs & create a bespoke learning package!

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