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£25 to per session.


1 session lasting 2 hours in total.

A 1-2-1 refresher session for adults returning to cycling.

  • Prepare for cycling (including checking you are fit and ready to cycle, checking clothing and fitting a helmet, and checking the cycle and making sure your cycle fits you) 

  • Getting on and off your cycle 

  • Starting, stopping, and controlling your cycle (& electric assistance)

  • Set off, slow down, pedal and stop  

  • Stopping quickly and managing hazards 

  • Using gears (with your e-bike assistance)

  • Looking behind, riding with one hand and signalling 

  • Sharing space off road with pedestrians and other riders  

  • Once this is achieved, then the rider has the bike control to learn to ride on the road.


Bookings & Enquiries

E-Flow Cycles BetteshangerBike Park

 Sandwich Road, Deal, CT14 0BF

 07763 817329

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